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Facebook x Twitter x Orkut: Google Trends

In my opinion, Google Trends is a fantastic tool and it’s always cool to compare different stuff there. When you are planning or analysing a client or brand, it’s always useful to go there and briefly check the interest on searches over time. Switching the regions always returns interesting data and things to think about.

So, since a couple of months I’ve been realizing that it looks like brazilian people are loosing interest for Twitter and the country is really migrating to Facebook. One behave that proves that to me was during the last very popular soap opear called “Avenida Brasil” or during any football match. It’s less and less frequent to observe a lot of people talking about this kind of thing on Twitter, but on Facebook is more and more normal (to not say annoying).

On the graph below it’s interesting to observe how big Facebook is worldwide, it’s hors-concours if compared to Twitter or Orkut (which is nothing if thought globaly)

By the other side, the second graph is the brazilian case, which is very interesting. We can observe how big and stable Orkut from 2007 until 2012, and how Facebook rapdly grew on the last two years in the country. Which surprised me a lot was to observe that Orkut is still bigger than Twitter. Curious no?



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