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Foursquare: Receive weekly updates about your friends and a Puppy photo

Foursquare: Puppies on your weekly updateThe cool thing about working on a real startup is that you can do cool things, be cool because of that and also see your marketing plan working! On Foursquare you can configure your notifications to receive a weekly email with news about your contacts and you can also include a “adorable picture of a puppy” in this update!

For traditional companies it might look a stupid thing: “send photos of puppies to your clients, that’s not professional, dumbasses!“. But the point is that most marketers know that email marketing campaign is a very difficult thing to be done and generate valuable engagement with your target. Besides, the laws around this type of action are very strict in many countries. There are few companies that do it well and have great return.

So, what probably the guys from Foursquare thought was that nobody wants to receive emails from companies, unless you give them something in return. Tell me something anyone loves? PUPPIES! So, you can receive puppies from Foursquare on your email only if you receive your friends weekly digest.

Do this strategy works? I don’t know, but I’ve opted-in and you will probably too.

Source: Nicholas Bittencourt



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