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Google made me orphan of Google Reader

Yes, the time I was afraid has come. Google has finally annouced the end of one of their greatest tools, Google Reader, amongst a couple of other tools that are about to rest in the cemetery of Google’s dead tools.

Google reader's retirement

I remember when Google has disabled the “share” option in Google Reader and brought with it a couple of complaints. So I keep wondering if the decline that led to the retirement came after this relevant change in the tool. Well, that’s something we will never know, right? Now I need to find alternatives and test a couple of different apps and see what is the best for me. :(

I used to like Google Reader because it was simple, efficient, light, fast, and, of course, cross platform! Now I have to test a couple of apple-wannabe applications.

Thanks, Google, you made me orphan! :'(



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