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#20N: An analysis of the Spanish Elections on Twitter

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I’ve dedicated the last two years of my life to study a Masters degree, at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, in Communications, Marketing and Business on Internet, a.k.a. “Master en Web“. During this period I had classes with some of the best teachers and professionals in Spain about SEO, SEM, Webanalytics, Usability, Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Advertising on Internet, Business and Project Management and many other areas that could be related to a complete internet professional.

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As a final project for the Masters I had write a thesis, and the subject I chose was the Spanish Elections on Twitter. With the help of my advisor, Òscar Coromina, I defined a scope for this thesis:

1. Define what, when and how the Elections would be tracked;

I tracked the tweets using the hashtags “#elecciones” or “#20N” using an application called The Archivist only at the day of the Elections.

2. Fetch the data from Twitter;

The November 20th 2011 I had to let my computer turned on from 6am to 2am of the November 21st with the application running and monitoring if Internet connection was stable and if the tweets were being well tracked. This was the most critic day.

3. Parse the data and create different models and visualizations for it;

In this stage I used different applications, as Excel, Wordle, Word Counters and others.

4. Analyse and criticize

In order to criticize the data I had to learn a little bit of the Spanish politics – which was not easy – and how the media channels work in that country. Among the findings of the thesis there was a tweet sent by a not “influential*” profile that was retweeted more than a thousand times during the day and up to the moment this post was being written, more than 2 thousand times.

If you want to read some more findings of the thesis #20N: An analysis of the Spanish Elections on Twitter, you can download it . If you need the database file with all the tweets, just ask me and I can send you. You can use the comments of this post or the contact form to send any feedback you have.



* – By “influential” I refer to profiles with thousands of followers or media channels. The concept of “influential” on this post is not related to the concepts described in Social Psychology.


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