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Twitter Censorship

Censored Twitter

The latest breaking news about Twitter was about them censoring content according to countries. I believe the normal reaction of any person that cares about freedom of expression was “HEY! WTF! Now Twitter is censoring our messages!!! Son’s a bitches!”. I had this reaction after reading some article somebody posted in Twitter.

For two days I was digesting this news and thinking about it and how it works. Actually, Twitter’s objective is not censoring, but not showing content not allowed in some countries. It’s not about blocking what you are writing, rather it’s about blocking what you are seeing depending on where you are. We live in a high globalized world, but we still have countries borders and different laws to each of these small pieces of land called Nations. Every country has their own becauses’ to have their laws.

The first thing I thought after reading the article was about the brazilian dictatorship. We lived 20 years in a non-democratic state, ruled by a military government that had a very strict censorship to any type of content. I thought how we couldn’t express ourselves without fearing something and without the freedom of speech we expect to have today. But after digesting the news I thought about pedophilia. Sure I wouldn’t like to read this kind of content in any place and I would like a person like that in jail. Then I thought about Germany, as it’s one of the countries mentioned in Twitter’s censorship. They have a really traumatic history and current pro-nazi content are not allowed there. But who knows if there are countries where it is not illegal. If we use another point of view to this theme it makes sense and it is not so bad.

So, think. Should we blame Twitter for blocking content or should we blame the countries for their laws?


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