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Are there any rules for Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads Phishing

Facebook Ads, what are the rules?


I am just wondering… Are there any rules to Facebook ads?

It’s very common to see updates on Facebook creating more and more restrictions to the pages. Things like you can’t use prices on your cover photo, you can’t use more than 20% of text on your cover, you can’t run like promos, you can’t do this and you can’t do that! All right, the stupid ones a few people follow the rules.

Well, in the image above you can see four examples of Facebook ads I received (yes, I am a Vasco supporter and I like beer, so my ads are ALWAYS about this). In all cases the text of the ad is saying something personal, something I would like, something that would engage me and as a supporter I would like. So, the ads are saying basicaly that I should like a random page because I am a Vasco supporter, and they don’t even say that I will like a random page with this action.

I have never worked with or even read anything about Facebook ads, so I don’t really know if it’s allowed to use a text saying something completely different of the action (at least Google doesn’t approve this). I don’t like the idea, tho, of clicking somewhere with an objective and, at the end, something completely different happens.

Is it the case on Facebook of “I am paying, so I can do anything”?


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