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Shame on you, Londelly Lauanna!

Yesterday I was browsing Facebook when I stumbled upon this image below. Its translation to english means “Despite our support, you failed to be accepted in medicine for 5 different Universities (UFS, UFAL, UFBA, USP, UNB). We are ashamed and disappointed. Your parents, brothers and grandma.”Londelly Lauanna

The first thing I’ve done was to check who was Londelly Lauanna, because definitely this is not a common name. So, on Facebook there are two profiles with this name:

As you can see, one of them has a black square as a profile photo and has no other relevant information at first glance. If you browse a little the profile to older stories you will be able to find a message saying “leave me alone”, published in the last year.

The second profile uses a ~hot~ girl as profile image, which, according to the basics of social media engagement, makes it much easier for people to click and check the profile. A common (but not nice) behave is to stumble upon some viral photos with names and find the profile of the person tobully them. This blog realized this and created a fake profile using Lonfelly’s name and stuffed it with advertising to drive more traffic and generate awareness around its name.

The use of fake profiles are against the rules of Facebook, but in my opinion this was a very intelligent action of this blog. What do you think about breaking some rules of the social networks, in a way that it doesn’t affect your client’s profile directly and generate more awareness and traffic to his website? Is it a fair or a completely negligible action?

Please, don’t bully people on internet, at your job, your school or whatever place.


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